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Cover illustration and design: Lauren O'Neill

What the story is about

Gold, which is suitable for boys and girls aged nine years and older, as well as the adventure loving child in all of us, tells the story of twin boys, Starn and Esper, who are born after their world has been destroyed by a massive volcanic explosions. As a result, very little grows in the Orchard territory, which once provided wonderful fruit. Now in the absence of insects and birds they have to use the laborious task of hand-pollination to create a single apple. thes skies are quiet because the ash cloud prevents aeroplanes from flying.

When the boys discover an old map in a selaed room in theri appartment, which tells of gold on one of the forbidden islands they decide to go in search of it. Since the have no obvious means of transport, they have to be inventive. Developing a glider, they take off on their many adventures and on the way have to surmount numerous obstacles before they finally get their hands on the treasure which is beyond their wildest dreams.

It is published by Little Island and the stunning cover is by award-winning illustrator Lauren O'Neill.